our abode

song pairing: Home by Philip Phillips

once upon a time there lived a happy family in a happy home.

the home loved to have fragrant, fresh flowers abound.

healthy, sweet treats in plenty.

waves of generous harmony.

and bountiful love.

welcome to a glimpse of our home sweet home

we nurture the life in our home. plants, animals, laughter, song, conversation.

we want our space to feel effervescent.

incorporated are details from the past ::denver, chicago, raleigh time::

and details from the present

we create celebrations

and value our own private oasis

we have woven in the fabrics, textures, hues that suite us best

the essence of our lives exists in our home.

and there is simply no place we would rather be.

Thank you for stopping in

inspired by my talented friend
continued inspiration


Julie Livingston said...

Love love!!!

Harvard Homemaker said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! The photography is incredible, as is your home--you have amazing taste. :) Love these shots!! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Frank Gombatz said...

Brian and Liz,

Wow!!! Your new home looks absolutely beautiful!! It is so nice to see the photos and the life that the two of you have brought to the home! What a flare you have for interior design...we may be calling you to stage some of our properties for sale.

Take Care,
Frank and Cayce

Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said...

These are amazing. Your home and the photos look like they belong in a design magazine. I love every inch and all of your beautiful details. Keep up the amazing work!

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