Monday, February 6, 2017

bringing life to our lil' patio

since the moment we moved into our home, our energy has been focused on the interior decor. we recently decided to give the outdoors some love. 
fire has always been one of my favorite elements. growing up in the midwest encompassed many a' bonfire. i could stare into a blaze for hours. 
we brainstormed ideas and a fire pit area won the final vote.  

this is a very sad photo of of our little concrete slab. we tried, and epically failed, to dress it up. 

even the potted plant was sad.

of all the pins i found, this one inspired me the most. i liked the simple nature of the design. 

a contractor began bringing our idea to life.

he built two benches, a side table & a gas firepit.

we chose gas because it's less mess and can easily be ignited and extinguished.

we settled on a neutral gray stain.

phase I : complete! the space already looked larger.

we fired it up the first chance we got!

phase II : our contractor arranged the pavers and pebbles in a congruent fashion.

little friends enjoyed the inferno too!

and family!

the custom cushions arrived in navy.

while awaiting the perfect pillows, these would do. (hi marty!)

christmas eve was extra special with outside heat. 

2017 was kicked off hovering over the fire pit. 
sparklers...gourmet cocoa...s'mores galore 

to warm up the space, we invested in a few plants and garden stools.

lanterns and the perfect pillows arrived. 

behind a tiny latch lives two propane tanks, where all the magic originates.

greenery brought warmth. 

it's our favorite spot to kick back and relax. 
this spring we will add more landscape, outdoor lights along with sprucing up the screened porch.
now the outdoors are closer to reflecting our indoors!


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What a wonderful transformation!!! Great job !!

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