Friday, July 8, 2016

it's july!

Hello Friends!
i am way overdue for an update. things have been moving along quite swimmingly this spring and summer. a couple months ago i reached a place where my private practice was consuming me completely. since that time, i have interviewed 4 candidates and hired an assistant. the trouble is: with an employee addition production gets more stressful before the lightness emerges. so my days have involved more work in the spirit of eventually more peace. i could not be more thrilled with the growth of my business. i have loved working independently, but cannot grow without some assistance. now my team is comprised of three of us: meet Stephanie (we didn't plan the shirt color but it confirmed we are meant-to-be) she's the 24 year old version of me. she will be handling behind-the-scenes details, so i can be fresh and preserve my own sanity for what i do best.

 here are some other highlights that have been poppin' lately!

jimmy buffet show with these beauties!

mountain visit (winery love with our cousin-to-be, Nicole!)

got drenched @ the beyonce show with these hotties!

a wild vegas weekend with this crew!

lots & lots of beach time with family & friends!

 a trip to key west to visit my favorite family!

a trip to a beautiful part of our world. the people and the energy were unparalleled in Whistler & Campbell River!

i also had the honor of holding the RDU Baton June 22. it's an instagram site with 22,000 followers!

 marty had a sundae!

one of my besties and her family came for a visit!

and lastly, i feel like i have unveiled something very exclusive. the coffee shop i frequent at the beach told me where they get their chai. i ordered it on amazon prime and VOILA it arrived in a couple days. my life has been made. don't ever hesitate to ask that question! 

that's a quick back soon!
chao! xo

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