Friday, April 15, 2016

info in a nutshell

i love cliff notes. a summary. info in a nutshell. i don't read much. i like to skim information and get the gist, without spending a ton of time absorbing the unnecessary.
for instance the book, "the magic of tidying up" a NY Times bestseller. it is written by a professional organizer, marie kondo, who has made a wonderful living helping people declutter and create a more harmonious space. all i needed to hear about the book was her quote "if you pick it up and it doesn't bring you joy....let it go." boom, i get it. i understand the whole book. don't get me wrong, the author walks readers through a detailed process of purging items and specific steps to set self up for success. i would highly recommend the book, i just understand things in condensed form.  

all of that said, i recently learned of another book that has exceptional reviews! it is titled "the miracle morning" i might buy it. i might not. after hearing the synopsis, i think i understand it. there is one acronym that i believe is life changing. S.A.V.E.R.S.
Hal Elrod created a system for readers to follow and believes if we do these six things before 8am, it will transform our lives. i'm in! but really, before 8am?

here are the cliff notes:

S. Silence: carve out time for quiet

A. Affirmations: list three things going well in your life

V. Visualization: visualize your day going smoothly

E. Exercise: sweat

R. Read: find something positive to absorb, maybe a quote

S. Scribe: write down your intentions for the day

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