Tuesday, February 2, 2016

creative marketing

one thing i know for sure, i am always thinking outside the box. my practice has been consistently thriving since 2011, however, this girl just won't lose the hustle. i love exercising creativity in how i express my business to others.  

business' are redefining your average business card. after admiring some brilliant concepts, i decided to do some redefining of my own.  

a bike tool to advertise the bike shop

 a personal trainers card: you have to stretch the band to view his info

 an edible cookie to market your local bakery

my first idea originated from my one and only, southern gent. he gave me the idea to upload my branding film to usb drives and distribute to referral sources. i loved the idea and even found a woodworking company that branded usb drives. voila! that way if a physician wants to show a patient my film, they just pop it into their laptop and my business card comes to life. 

the second idea that i copied struck me was an interior designer who gave her clients a lovely candle and personalized matchbook as a christmas gift. i thought that was so wise. 
i have been excited to see matchbooks make a comeback. swanky restaurants, hotels and bars are carrying them again. i have started a little collection of my own, which has been fun to sift through and recall the memories we created inside the places. 
all of this love & creativity sparked the idea of having my business info printed on matchbooks. naturally i had to come up with a little slogan to make matches relevant to therapy/personal development/goal setting.  

don't ever lose your spark and interest in furthering your personal/professional development!

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