Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 in review

happy new year my friends! what a year it was. reflecting back on my year assures me one thing, i certainly possess self discipline. i established some very healthy habits this year and they each had a lasting impact. i found it very attainable to set a monthly goal and hyper focus on it for 30 days. some of the habits i would carry into the next month. my proudest is the "only water" discipline. currently i am drinking a caffeinated beverage twice a week. that feels like a huge feat in comparison to my twice daily habit i kicked in november. 

january: do things differently herehere and here.
february: just make it hereherehere and here.     
march: mostly vegan herehereherehere and here.
april: wake up before the sun five days a week here, here and here
may: exercise curiositherehere and here 
june: daily gratitude and generosity herehere and here
july: at least one mile a day here and here
august: beach body challenge here and here
september: lead with love and positivity hereherehere and here
october: vulnerability here and here
november: only water here, here and here
december: take better care of yourself

2015 was a productive, healthy and painful year full of personal growth. it involved many tears. when we work hard on self improvement there are growing pains along the way. i also cried lots of happy tears this year. i had a couple difficult conversations that were remarkably healing. being open and honest, with good intention, healed wounds i had been carrying around for a long time. that was my greatest achievement this year. if you have a relationship that needs improving, speak up! our words have an incredible power to heal.  

here are 15 highlights in 2015! it was full of travel, which is always a good idea. #wanderlust

15. started out the new year with my favorites in Florida!
they surprised me and my heart burst with happiness!

14. how can we forget the brown/red/purple/blue hair...whoa
equally fun and traumatizing. i went from too blonde to too dark. 
i have finally found my happy medium as a bronde (brunette & blonde combo) and also a new salon.
i don't regret taking that risk, we should all live on the edge a little bit. 

13. explored the wonderful mountain town of asheville with my crew!
traveling with the dogs made it even sweeter. 

 12. my bestie from high school came to visit with her crew of five!
it's always epic to get to know your favorite people's, people. 

11. fashion week in charleston with emily! 
we uber'd, shopped, grubbed on sushi & gelato and saw a runway show.

10. south beach for labor day. incredible restaurants, cocktails and people watching with my love! 

9. traveled first class to jackson hole with the jackson5! 
we took a couple years off our lives, but it was worth it. big G's voice hasn't recovered yet. 

8. we headed west in the summer and the winter to enjoy mountain life and our wonderful family!
wine, dogs, mountains, cute towns, fireplaces, great food and lots of fun people! 

7. southern gent and i typically travel solo. this year we found joy in traveling with others. 
we went to both las vegas and toronto and felt wonderful energy from the crew around us!

6. a couple quick girls trips to arizona and charlotte with some of the finest!

5. music makes the world go round' 
i saw a fun variety of artists this year!

4. our favorite trip was to cabo san lucas. 
the champagne almost convinced us to buy a timeshare!

3. family beach week/corona commercial/mom retired/parents bought a beach house.
that's a lot of excitement in one summer!

2. three days of filming for my 2.5 minute branding film. it was a dream come true. 
the guys who run the company and my generous friends/family who were my "models" made the entire experience a joy!

1. this year i hired my first employee. he is able to provide clients exactly what i cannot; warmth, closeness and affection. he has been an invaluable addition to my practice and i cannot imagine my business without him. he has a tremendous way of impacting others. he is my beloved sidekick. i am happy he is on the payroll and able to earn a living. i wouldn't want him to think everything in life is free! 

well, there it is. my most memorable moments in 2015! 

in 2016 i vow to continue my pursuit of personal and career greatness. 

i plan to continuing doing new and interesting things along the way with this quote in mind always: 
"kindness is the best thing we can put on each morning" 
-sarah jessica parker- 

my only resolution is to begin practicing meditation. 
thank you for enjoying this journey alongside me! 

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