Thursday, November 19, 2015

november discipline: only water

19 days and still going strong! i have moments of cravings, but haven't wavered. i even stocked back-up caffeine free soda in my work fridge, but haven't indulged. it's mostly the ritual i miss. oh and the bubbles and flavor too. i believe having the option to reject gives us power and a stronger sense of self control. we traveled to Toronto and walked the chilly streets with Starbucks on every corner. i did stop in and order a hot water. i added lemon slices and had the same experience i love, keeping my hands warm between steaming sips. i bought lemons and limes in bulk and squeeze them into each tall glass of h2o. at the office i am frequenting the red knob on the water cooler, for piping hot aqua. it's so very soothing.
my energy levels are normal, i am not experiencing fatigue or the crashes associated with caffeine highs. after a little research, i learned caffeine taps into our adrenaline. please take a couple minutes to read this article on how caffeine impacts the adrenal glands. the caffeine-cortisol connection is fascinating.

kicked off the holiday season in Toronto! 

exploring a new city is one of our very favorite things to do

the hockey hall of fame was incredible 

experiencing Mr. K's induction was remarkable

sharing good times with great friends makes everything more meaningful 

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