Thursday, November 5, 2015

november discipline: only water

5 days in and i am going so strong. i've only had water with and between meals. it's been difficult. today i felt like i was mostly over the hump, the constant headache has subsided. i saw nine clients in a row today, i was in my office from 11am-8:30pm with no caffeine. it felt like a huge feat.

i honestly don't miss my morning chai. i am already past that. it's the soda and juices that i miss. i don't miss alcohol, i can take it or leave it. i love a cocktail and the entire experience it provides, but i don't need one very often. i have been waking up earlier, just naturally. i am feeling more and more fresh now that the anti-caffeine fog has lifted.

there is a commercial on tv that displays a soda bottle pouring into an icy glass. in slow motion! it's so hard to watch and really unfair. sugary sweet beverages are the perfect accessory to meals and daytime errands. southern gent and i went out for dinner last night and i ordered a water. initially it felt a little sad, but ended up being all i needed. southern gent ordered a water too. he always makes me feel supported.

i am not sure if caffeine and my addictive personality can co-exist. for now i am having a love affair with water and it's moving toward greater health and harmony.

my definition of discipline: consistent gestures that are sometimes difficult, but lead to an improved self.

discipline comes in all shapes and sizes. where is your level of personal discipline? 

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