Thursday, September 10, 2015

summer round-up

from family beach week to lake life in Minnesota...and finally a jaunt to Vegas
summers end was action packed and wildly fun-filled!

Topsail Beach, NC

little loves!

glitter bomb!

buddies for life!

in previous years this little fella was afraid of the ocean. this year we couldn't get him out of the water. yay Keegan!

sunrise tradition with my favorite 13 year old!

happy little boys, even with a salt water swallow

thank you for making these memories possible!

girl power!


hop on the boat to the golf course. hop on the boat to lunch. hop on the boat for cocktail hour. 
we could get used to that life. our friends little blonde haired boys charmed our socks off too! 

Las Vegas, NV

mixing business and pleasure has never been so wonderful. 5 nights in Vegas was spectacular! 

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