Thursday, September 24, 2015

birthday month round-up

the best part of age is wisdom. each year grants me more stability and capability. i am proud of my age, no shame in the number 37. we forge through each and every one of our years, i wouldn't discount one of them. 

here are some essential life hacks i have gathered in my treinta y siete anos: 

keeping a list of my inner circle and their birthdays helps me feel connected. find your tribe//love them hard. invest in your relationships. i have better friends today than i ever have. you have to hand pick the people you surround yourself with. 

love is a verb. 

"supporting another's success won't ever dampen yours." celebrate those around you and share kind words and encouragement often. 

i have an ongoing list of things to do...places to travel...restaurants to try. boredom does not exist. 
the world is fascinating, see and do as much as you can!

live your dreams! taking risks fills my life with challenge. i have done things people have questioned, but i follow my gut and am always glad i did. don't stay comfortable. 

everything in moderation, especially the sun. always wear sunscreen. your older self with thank your younger self. 

i love my career and will always work. it is my life purpose. some people say they are fortunate not to work. i feel fortunate to love my work. 

i don't have much of a relationship with the television. i occasionally watch, but not often. 

always smile and show excitement when greeting loved ones. 

i hire someone to clean my house monthly. i still vacuum and tidy up, but that one day each month is divine. 

invite younger people into your life, show them kind and supportive words. be good to them, they might take care of you one day. 

i don't nurture through food. i have a vegetarian kitchen and a carnivore husband. he still feels supremely loved and says he can't wait to get home everyday. 

acupuncture is medicinal for me. i am happily hooked.

i don't settle into gender roles, i think they are dangerous. we both prepare food. we both do laundry. we both vacuum. we both lift heavy things into the car. we both pick up dog poop. there is no resentment between us and we have a true partnership. as a marriage counselor i have seen far too many women resentful for the imbalance of house chores. don't try to be a super wife, it doesn't fare well over time. 

write thank you notes. expressing gratitude is imperative. 

laugh and be silly, at every age! "there is not a shred of evidence that life is serious" -ogden nash

be generous. even when you don't have much, always give. 

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Anonymous said...

Once again, wisdom beyond your years. How do you always know exactly what I need? Thank you, Liz!Yours is consistently the best blog ever of all blogs!!! Your caring shines through your well selected words. Have you thought of writing a book? You should!!!

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