Monday, August 17, 2015

business branding film

for over a year i have been drawn to the concept of brand films. i have seen them used in multiple capacities; from telling the story of a small business to telling a love story. i enjoy things condensed. i can appreciate long winded chronicles, but they also lose my attention. i like the brief nature of a brand film. to squeeze the gist of something or someone in a concise narration maintains interest. i have wanted one for me. i have yearned to star in my own brand film. turns out i wasn't the star at all. my pug marty stole the show. 

i took time to find the right people to work with. when i stumbled across Remedy, i knew i had found exactly what i was looking for. they have worked with some of my favorite small businesses around Raleigh and captured the essence of each perfectly. their instagram bio says they "partner with people and brands that live and work with intention and purpose." that phrase resonated with me and propelled me to contact them. fast forward a couple weeks and the filming began!
it was a very fun 3 days of different scenarios. they gather a lot of footage to later edit. the company is managed by two 20-something's, Josh & Austin. they are experts at their craft.

day 1: at the farmers market. i strolled around as they filmed me. kinda felt like a big deal.
day 2: coffee with a couple awesome friends (thank u sara & meg!) (a man asked if we were the real housewives of Raleigh. Of course we said YES), followed by a run around a few neighborhoods. they were following me in a car and filming out the window. i am pretty sure people thought they were stalking me.
day 3: they interviewed me in my office, followed by another awesome friend (thank u christy!) and my mom & brother who acted as clients (love them!).

the guys put everyone at ease. their style is natural and authentic and they really help set that tone during the filming process. i think that reflects in my little brand film.

my vision was to eliminate the stigma attached to the therapy process. it's a business card that comes to life! i hope it's ok to say when you're proud of yourself, because this is one of those moments for me. 


Tiffany said...

Great short film! Really draws you in. Great job!

Liz said...

Thank you Tiff! I am glad everyone likes it as much as I do! Remedy rocks! xo

Anonymous said...

This made my heart smile. It made me WANT therapy/motivation/inspiration/encouragement/common sense from you! You are a gift to so many: changing, saving, and improving lives. You have the right heart and skillset for your profession. If only everyone had their own "Liz" to help them through the challenges of life. Thanks for all you (and Marty) do. The film is so great!

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