Sunday, August 23, 2015

august discipline: beach body challenge

3/4 of the way through and it's time for an update. is anyone following along with me? what started out as manageable has quickly turned intense! it looks simple on paper, however, isn't as easy as it appears. southern gent has joined forces with me again and we have been loyal every single day. i take that back, we have missed two days but then caught up with 4 exercises the following day--ouch! we walked or ran every morning of #familybeachweek, followed with the two exercises of the day. our bodies have been sore and tender in odd places. i have a new found respect for strength. i am not in this to lose weight, in fact i have gained a few lb's. just trying to trust the process. there was a time when i thought being skinny was attractive. i have shifted my mindset in recent years and am aiming for tone and strength, which is actually the really difficult stuff...and i am finding takes more time, patience and dedication. 
i had a strong epiphany the other day. both physically and emotionally, we have to endure great pain if we want to embody great strength. i am stronger and have more fortitude today, because of the pain i have weathered in this wonderful life. don't give up friends, it's always better on the other side. 

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