Thursday, July 2, 2015

monthly discipline: july

january: do things differently herehere and here.
february: just make it hereherehere and here.     
march: mostly vegan herehereherehere and here.
april: wake up before the sun five days a week here, here and here
may: exercise curiositherehere and here 
june: daily gratitude and generosity here, here and here

july: at least one mile a day

6 months in, one day late. can't beat myself up too much. so i started the day with a jog. it really is my optimal way to start a day. i had not decided on my july challenge until today. running isn't an option for everyone, and i certainly don't feel up to it everyday. so i have decided the discipline will simply be 'at least a mile a day.' that could mean walking, running, biking, swimming. as long as i get 1 mile in. exercise is medicinal for me. it keeps me in check. it's my form of meditation.

i just returned from a whirlwind trip to Jackson, WY. when i say we sipped champagne on a private plane, that is no exaggeration. thanks to my generous friend, Millie, the entire trip was first class and one i will not soon forget. here is a peek into our epic getaway:

best lunch in town!

the gondola took us up to the Wine Festival

temporary tattoos!

our view!

Teton National Forest

Snake River raft trip

a tribe i cherish!

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