Sunday, July 12, 2015

july discipline: at least one mile a day

i have loved all the disciplines. my favorites, however, are ones i have had to consider every day. i have always been a regular exerciser but typically take days off in between. just 12 days in, once-a-day already feels natural. i have scaled down my runs from a once 4-6 mile stretch to 2 miles, to assure sustainability. when i was running longer distances, i felt fatigued between runs and sometimes dreaded the next one. i am probably running about the same mileage in a week, just more frequent & shorter bursts. i often add sets of stairs after the run for a nice little boost.
i must confess i had to skip one day, this past saturday. the only reason was that it was our neighborhood block party day. i was busy from the moment i awoke. the most time consuming of the tasks was this balloon extravaganza i dreamed up. it appears simple, but it was not.

the 2' x 3' balloons came from china. the day of the party a friend and i went to the party store to get them inflated. they promptly informed us it would be $12/balloon to fill with helium. you can do the math and would probably agree that was astronomical. luckily my friend is a master negotiator, so we walked out with inflated letters and more than a 50% discount. i am infamous for losing a few balloons in transit, but that wasn't an option. there were no extras. the letter B was slightly ripped and the letter T was popped by a sharp object in the garage. we were able to remedy the crisis with a quick piece of tape. 
with a little help from dowel rods and packing tape....the vision came to life. 

the afternoon/evening was complete with food trucks, a dunk tank, a selfie station, temporary tattoos, bubble wands, sidewalk chalk art, a stellar dj, 2 bounce houses, corn hole games, a popcorn machine, water balloons, a visit from the local firemen, glow sticks, a kegerator & a driveway viewing of Spy Kids. it was an awesome collaborative effort from a committee of awesome gals. the gobs of kiddos (mostly not pictured) had a marvelous time, i promise. 

i was mostly busy having a ton of fun, and not snapping photos at all. 
but here are a few images i captured:

the adults always manage to have a great time too!

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