Tuesday, June 9, 2015

june discipline: daily gratitude and generosity

i am here to report daily gratitude has been working as planned! i reserved a blank journal and date each page as i jot down the thankful thoughts that emerge. the end of the day seems to work best for me...or shall i say us...southern gent joined me in this discipline! it is so fun to see what he writes everyday. one usually involves me, so it's a confidence booster for sure ;)
generosity is something that is consistently rewarding. i firmly believe in saving and planning. i also believe in sharing. growing up as the only girl with an older and younger brother, i am not sure i had to share much. i don't remember. but i must have. somehow i learned to share. i don't love to share my drinks or my chapstick, but other than those--i am quite free with my things. in college i willingly loaned my vehicle to people who desperately wanted to go home for the weekend, as long as they returned it full of gas. i freely loan jewelry or handbags or clothing, no problem. they are just items.
experiences are what color my life. not things. don't get me wrong i love pretty things. my home is peppered with pretty things! but if something breaks or gets ruined, i am fine. experiences are what really matter. i like to share experiences with others, old and young.

if you are tight with your funds or your time, examine why. does it get in the way of sharing and experiencing? try to be more generous. i promise that the more you give of yourself, the more you will get in return.
here are some things i have been grateful for in recent days:

*being awarded runner-up as best therapist in the Triangle!

*finding a new favorite place for healthy lunch, obsessed.

*the selfie stick craze

*raleigh family

*mountain family

*concert season, so far eric church & kenny c! next up, tSwift.  

*a recent trip to south beach

i am thankful this teepee exists so i can buy it for my dogs and proudly place it in our living room!

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