Sunday, May 17, 2015

may discipline: exercise curiosity

time and timing are a constant intrigue of mine. there are times when i desperately want time to slow down, it can feel like it's moving at warp speed. i even say outwardly, "i am not ready for this day to be over." in a really good way. and then all of the sudden when there is something on the horizon, the days begin to move at a snails pace. that's what i asked for, right? oh, but that can be difficult too. nature is always challenging us. patience and presence are on the forefront. when time is moving swiftly, it may be that we are not practicing presence. when time is moving slowly, we need to insert patience.

though i am definitely achievement oriented, i haven't rushed much in my life. i was probably the last person i knew to get a cell phone. i rented different residences for a long time and never felt rushed to buy. i didn't feel rushed to marry, as evidenced by my being just shy of 32 when i tied the knot. i just got my first mac laptop. i have only owned three cars in my 16 years of driving. i wait months and one time over a year between fertility treatments.

i am very motivated, i just don't have a nagging sense of urgency about most things. the other trait i have become aware of in recent years is that i am a nonconformist. my decisions are not based on the social norm. i kind of like to carve my own path. i am trying to author my own story and not let other stories impact mine. it's not always easy but i find it meaningful.

how does time play a role in your story?
how does patience impact your life?
do you have a sense of urgency?
when are you most present?

a few moments i wish could last forever:

sunset @ durham bulls game with my southern gent

helping my 13 y-o niece decorate her room

enjoying gourmet caramel cotton candy

an afternoon with these charmers

any time spent with my mom and gram

ice cream sammie food trucks

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