Tuesday, May 5, 2015

may discipline: exercise curiosity

while asking questions of those around you, it's equally important to be asking questions of yourself. 

be curious about yourself. be self-aware. 

it takes emotional intelligence to challenge thy self and investigate values and beliefs. i have always had an internal dialogue. it's equal parts self compassion and self doubt. it can be exhausting, at times, but is all in pursuit of living a meaningful life and leading with love. 
i believe each of us has endless questions in our minds, but often hesitate to state them aloud. 

here are a few i would like you to ponder: 

do i examine my life enough? 

do i care too much what other people think? 

what do i really want to do all day? 

how do i want to be remembered? 

do i say yes enough? 

do i say no enough? 

what am i afraid of?

am i paying attention to incredible things around me? 

do i let myself fail enough? 

what is the meaning of the human experience? 
*i asked southern gent this the other day while driving down the road. though i initially caught him off guard, this question led to a wonderful exchange of thought and connection*

i hope you too are asking questions of yourself and those around you. 
life is fascinating, don't forget to wonder about it. 

on an airier note, here are some images from recent happenings in my world:

our nephew keegan turned 6

had a few fun nights on the town

neighborhood block party committee met at mi casa for some planning.
think food trucks, dunk tank, bounce house, sidewalk chalk, relay races and more!

have you checked out the www.how-old.net website?
it wasn't my proudest moment. they guess your age and gender. hmmmm

loving my pillowscape with the new addition of the safari lumbar. see how it pulls everything together so musically? our ottoman has never really fit with the rest of our decor. it was my one big retail regret. it finally all makes sense. #patternmixing #findmarty

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Tiffany said...

I found #martytatum!
Love the thoughts and LOVE, LOVE the pillows!

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