Thursday, May 14, 2015


i have recently begun a love affair with plants. i have a fiddle fig tree, a palm and a monstera deliciosa in our home along with several succulents. i have a snake plant and an ornamental grass on the screened porch. on the front porch i have a palm varietal and a rectangular planter filled with ferns and other greens. this is my favorite plant site. 
i also don't like to leave a vase lonely for very long. what if every room in the house had a plant or flower? #lifegoals

a guest room bedside comes to life with blooms

mason jars make great vases

peonies are some of my very favorites!

here i curated a bouquet with eucalyptus springs as an accent

purchase fresh cuts every week at the grocery store! another healthy habit to acquire

in high school i worked at a flower shop. here are a few tips to keep your florals lasting over a week. 

*fill a vase with an inch of water, any more only breaks down stems and causes quick rot. 
*snip the ends daily and replace H2o
*cut stems on an angle, it creates more area for water consumption 
*immediately place in water after snipping ends, stems callus within seconds
*pluck dead stems and blooms throughout the week to keep your bouquet looking fresh! 

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Tiffany said...

I LOVE Peonies too! Thanks for the floral tips as well! I've been wondering the best way to keep my fresh flowers last longer. :)

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