Monday, April 20, 2015

april discipline: wake up before the sun, 5 days a week

song pair: Everyday by Dave Matthews

hello and good mornings! yes i meant the plural. my mornings have been so good. i am happy to report i have been fiercely loyal to this discipline, up before the sun. there was only one weekday when my alarm clock jingled...i rolled over...snuggled southern gent...and fell back to sleep.

not every morning has been easy. some mornings i perch up, contemplate a bit (imagine the devil and angel on each shoulder) and ultimately embrace the day. i think of you guys, i really do. i know acting in a trustworthy manner will increase my oxytocin. you didn't realize you were improving my life, did you?
i have felt wonderful with this early-to-rise lifestyle. i am more productive. i am paying attention to small details and i feel more energized. i wasn't a slacker previously, things always get done in my world...just sometimes in a rushed manner. those hours open more time to slowly water plants, throw in laundry, make lists, create a southern gent smoothie. all that domestic stuff that doesn't come naturally.
the biggest reward has been for my dogs. sounds silly unless you are an avid dog person like me. those extra hours free up the chance to see things more clearly, including their wrinkly faces. i have been cleaning their face folds and soft little ears. our english bulldog, Rocky, has a sensitive eye that is often in need of a wet tissue. he has been healthier because of this change.
it's just a peaceful part of the day for me now. quietly seizing the day.

prior to this discipline i thought i was slowly easing into each day, but really i was just sleeping as long as i could before it was time to wake up and hop right into the shower. i would butter my toast, prepare a sack lunch, kiss my three favorite guys {southern gent and the dogs} and head out the door. the next time i would emerge would be 8:30pm. at that point i was too fatigued to even notice face wrinkles, mine or anyone else's. now that summer is here, i have my partner-in-life back to share duties. life is looking brighter people!

speaking of dogs and brightening lives, remember when i did my photo shoot as an extra oomph to get Marty into my office?  today we are on week 6 of Marty Mondays and they are going swimmingly. if you have ever met my sidekick you know he has the most delightful little personality. i adopted him in 2008 as a rescue. he was 1.5 years old. whoever had him before me treated him like gold. i don't think he has ever known evil. he came to me well trained and oh-so-loving. i don't take credit for the great dog he is, but i am so fortunate he is ours. he isn't the type of soul who should be locked in a house all day. he needs to see the world and impact lives. marty comforts clients, makes clients smile and adds a wonderful energy to the room. he leaves a footprint everywhere he goes.

here is a little photo montage of his first few weeks as a therapy dog.

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