Sunday, April 5, 2015

april discipline: wake up before the sun, 5 days a week

song pair: Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison

i am happy to report the april discipline {wake up before the sun, 5 days/week} has started strong. i don't plan to take a photo everyday, but the first two days i couldn't resist. the image quality is below average, the feeling of accomplishment is above average. 

day 1 

day 2

i can absolutely attest to the extra two to three hours being instrumental in each day. i felt less rushed, more productive and quite fulfilled. each day i grabbed my oversized bathrobe and headed for the screened porch. with me came a buttered english muffin. the birds are singing loudly as the day begins. i have utilized these mornings as a time of reflection. the weekend was a nice break, monday morning starts this healthy habit all over again. i am ready!

here is a sneak peek at Easter weekend:

southern gent and i ventured downtown for First Friday

saturday, mom & i made our traditional easter basket cake

almost five years into our marriage, i continue to learn fascinating things about southern gent. he is my multifaceted husband. a couple years ago i learned he could juggle. recently i found out he is a pac-man master. mom & i surprised him with a cake to commemorate this expertise. i find him endlessly endearing.   

easter lunch was a delicious collection {from chef dad} of salmon, vegetables, deviled eggs and potato salad. we always toast with a specialty drink, this year it was a moscow mule. the copper mug and homemade ginger beer are what make it extra special. 

cheers to Easter, gratitude and togetherness!

2014 easter post

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