Sunday, March 1, 2015

monthly discipline: march

hello march! a new month means a new personal challenge for moi. i hope you are enjoying this as much as i am. #lifegoals

*so far so good*
january: doing things differently here, here and here.
february: just make it here, here, here and here.     

march: mostly vegan

vegetarian: no meat no fish
pescatarian: no meat yes fish
vegan: no meat no fish no dairy no eggs

i must say the first day was an epic fail. this is going to be the most difficult yet. as i am sure you have guessed, this challenge was inspired by my recent food for thought post. the reviews were certainly mixed. this was good news. it validated for me that writing honest and sometimes controversial posts are important. if it made you think twice about a food choice, i see that as a success. if you felt a little unease, i also see that as a success. basically if it evoked any feeling, i am glad. it's ok to disagree, as long as you are open to awareness. 

going completely vegan is not something i am exactly striving for. i do want to consider substitutions and discover new products. dairy is one of my favorite food groups, so eating less of it will be difficult.

march 1: 

breakfast: vegetable juice
lunch: noodles with butter and grated cheese
snack: nachos with cheese and sour cream
snack: root beer float (ice cream)

as you can see, dairy is part of almost every snack and meal i consume. typically i am way healthier than this, but it was a lazy sunday.
the foods i am proud to have eliminated are milk, yogurt and eggs in their pure form. i have started substituting the milk in my morning chai with coconut milk. these are the small changes to build on. today is a new day. wish me luck!

in other news, last week we got lots of snow! though it wreaked havoc on my office schedule, i embraced the life pause. i am having to be creative with clothing choices, as to enable boots on the daily. i am also loving my 4-wheel drive, channeling my inner youth and clocking lots of couch time. looking forward to a much more productive week ahead!

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