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monthly discipline: april

song pair: awake my soul by mumford and sons

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am i  are you ready for it?
april: wake up before the sun five days a week

sleep has played different roles in my life, throughout my life. as a young child i resisted sleep. i wouldn't nap for fear of missing something. i was too curious to spend a few hours checked out. i still don't nap. 

as a figure skater, in adolescence, ice time was early. on weekends i woke up at dawn. though it wasn't always easy, i evolved into a morning person. my parents often made hot breakfasts, which helped wake up to the day. 

college years involved late nights and lots of sleep. i didn't schedule early classes. 

i got into a good rhythm once my working years began. my first real job was a traditional 9-5. my sleep schedule became more normalized.

in graduate school i worked at a jazz club late into the night and woke up for an internship very early in the morning. it wasn't uncommon to fall asleep at 1am and wake at 6am. this is when my life as a morning person reemerged. i was walking through life in a bit of a daze, but there was a goal in mind. i understood the importance of sacrifice for a greater good. 

my post graduate position was as the mental health coordinator at a correctional facility. i worked four 10 hour days. 6am-4pm. i was up way before the sun. those were very productive days. 

fast forward to today. i wake about 9/9:30 everyday. my southern gent and i have nontraditional schedules. it has always been a goal to not depend on an alarm clock. i find them jarring and awful. to ease into my day is a dream. some would have a hard time believing i am a work-a-holic. i am, my day just starts and ends much later than yours. southern gent works very late hours and often travels. a typical day for him ends between 10pm-2am. my weekdays end at 8:30pm. on the nights we are both home, we eat dinner around 9pm. 

though this schedule works magically for us, i am willing to deviate in april. one part of me says sleep-as-much-as-you-can. the other part says wake-up-early-and-be-even-more-productive.

experts say sleep plays an important role in brain function. i still plan to sleep well, i will simply have to adjust my dinner and bed times. to some of you, waking before the sun is a daily necessity. for me, i hope to find it enlightening. by the time some of you have read this, i will have watched the sun rise.

i have this hanging in my home office. you can have it too. 

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Anonymous said...

And this is not an April Fool's joke? I love how you stretch your comfort zone and make the most out of your days and your life! I don't know too many people who would make this a goal. You rock! (again!) Thanks for inspiring all of us!

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