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march discipline: mostly vegan interview

hello friends! if you read my blog regularly you have heard a lot about Virginia, one of my soul sisters! 
i have mentioned her here, here, hereherehere & here
cultivating relationships with interesting people is something i deeply value. strong women inspire me to be strong too. 

today you will gain some words of wisdom directly from the source! 
one of my favorite things about her is that she is a health nut like me! we basically eat the same types of food however she's much more domestic than i. she's preparing indian food and i am picking up indian take-out. no shame in that. 

below are a few questions she gladly answered for one of two march discipline interviews. thank you V! 

1)     What is your family composition?
Myself, my husband Damian and our daughter Camellia. We also have 2 dogs and chickens.

2)      How would you describe what you provide in your home kitchen?
Healthy Pescatarian, I try to make most food from scratch. I bake bread, make pasta, grow fruits and veggies. I have chickens for eggs. Living in the Keys we are fortunate to have fresh fish often, which we catch ourselves or purchase from fish markets. I try to have a few Vegan meals during the week. I limit as many animal products as possible. I also limit processed foods.  If I do buy processed foods I always check to make sure there is nothing fake in it.  

3)     What led you to this approach?
Many reasons! Health being number one and the astounding evidence that a fruit and veggie based diet is so incredibly good for you (read The China Study)! Number two, being my fondness and support of the Buddhist philosophy that fundamentally we are all one and should live as close as we can to harmony. I believe that all living things deserve dignity and respect.

4)    Is there a product you (or a family member) struggles to resist? 
CHEESE!! I would be Vegan if it didn’t exist!! We don’t even have milk in the house, but cheese?? lots!!

5)     Do you find restaurant menus difficult to navigate?
I don’t find them difficult, mainly because I have been doing this for practically all of my adult life. I will say it is never a challenge to find food, but balancing protein & carbs is a bit of a challenge at certain places. My go to cuisine is Asian inspired. I NEVER EAT FAST FOOD. I cannot tell you the last time I was near a McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, Taco Bell etc.

6)    How do you choose to entertain with food?
 I have an Easter Egg Hunt in a few weeks with 30 people attending. I will provide a hummus and chip/bread plate, cheese/fruit plate, orzo pasta, egg salad stuffed pita (with the eggs from my chickens), smoked fish stuffed pita, pb and j sandwiches and homemade cookies.

7)      How is your family’s overall health?
We have no health issues, none of us take any medication.

8)     What is your favorite cruelty free brand?
TRADER JOES!! My most favorite place in the world! Nothing is really cruelty free unfortunately ..well except what you do at your own house….hence our chickens!

9)       Please share a favorite cruelty free recipe:
Baked Tofu, roasted sweet and regular potatoes, roasted fennel and artichoke
This recipe is so easy and awesome!! We eat this once a week!! It takes some prep. First you have to drain the tofu, I use firm or extra firm, use 2 packages. Open tofu packages and wrap tofu in 2 paper towels each or a cloth and let it sit wrapped in fridge for 4 to 24 hours, this is get excess water out. I usually do this the day before we are going to eat it. Slice tofu in 8 even slices per container so 16 total. Then marinate in soy sauce, sesame oil, citrus juice. Let sit for 4 hrs. Large dice potatoes, peel skin and large dice sweet potatoes, season with salt, pepper, olive oil….rosemary, parsley or sage is also very good on them. Dice 1 large fennel bulb and dice one frozen bag or can of artichoke (trader joes sells the frozen bags..I don’t like using cans, but it would take too long to prep fresh artichokes, but you could do that as well.) Season with salt, pepper, olive oil. Put tofu long side down on small sheet pan, sprinkle remaining marinade on it, top with sesame seeds, place on bottom of oven.  Put potatoes on large sheet pan, place on top of oven, put fennel artichoke mixture on large sheet pan, place on bottom of oven. Roast at 375 for 15 min, take out the fennel artichoke mixture. Roast another 15, take out tofu. Check potatoes, if you want them a little crispier, turn heat up to 400 and roast another 15 min. Done!! Leftovers are good for another week and the tofu is tasty cold or hot!!

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