Saturday, March 28, 2015

charleston fashion week

song pair: Supermodel (You Better Work) by Rupaul

as i eluded to a couple weeks ago, i surprised my niece emily with a one night trip to Charleston during fashion week. she was the perfect little travel companion. we had an incredible time living the city life for 24 hours. we parked our car and uber'd all over town. uber was a new concept to her. though she was a bit apprehensive at first, she quickly settled into the idea of getting into a strangers car and safely reaching our destination.

our first stop was a blow dry bar. we needed our hair to be 'on fleek' {teenage lingo} for dinner and the runway show later that evening.

once our loose curls were in place, we wandered the city. we bounced in a few different shops and sipped hot chocolates once the wind picked up. it was a gorgeous day and the flowers were in perfect bloom. the city was in a true buzz. i was elated to be spending the day with emily, my cheeks were sore from the smiles.

sushi has become our thing. whenever i ask Em what she's craving, she inevitably proclaims SUSHI! 

her other obsession is shirley temples. she may have had five. 

once we polished all four sushi rolls, we skedaddled over to the festivities. you would have thought you were in NYC. it is so tough to capture the experience in photos. please take a few minutes and watch this promotional youtube video. it's from 2014, but exactly what we experienced. it was epic. 

the catwalk

benefit make up bar

one of my favorite designers. lots of shopping in the lounge. 

truly an unforgettable night. after the runway show, we had gelato and found a candy store. it was an i-don't-want-this-day-to-end sort of feeling.  

this 13 year old is a very bright light in my world. i love you Em! 


Amy Brind'Amour said...

You truly are the best Aunt in the world!

Joanie said...

Ohhhh what fun for my two favorite girls!!!!! You are both lucky to have each other!!! ��

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