Thursday, February 5, 2015


song pair: Hair by Broadway Kids

the word of the day is ego. simply put, it is our sense of self. our self-esteem. our self worth. the way we see ourselves.

my recent change of hair color has challenged my ego. i love stuff like this. it has been a good personal challenge for me. i never intended it to be, but i am glad. marinating in self doubt without acting on the impulse to revert back to blonde has been character building. i have received equal parts positive and negative feedback about this change. it's good for me. as a self confessed people pleaser, it can be difficult to hear criticism and let it bounce off without an urge to entertain or satisfy someone else's need. people have looked at me like i have a facial tattoo. some are stunned and have openly questioned my choice.

it has evolved into a social experiment. not sure how it will be measured, but i have decided this will be my-year-as-a-brunette. so far, really good!

i certainly liked my blonde hair. but i am more than just blonde hair. i have always valued my appearance but these days i am valuing my intelligence even more. it's just as important to take risks and live outside my comfort zone then to stay in the safety zone. i want to be brave. i want to seize the day and be bold. i am proud of my openness to change and will continue to learn, grow and accept others disapproval when it happens. i see it all as a gift.

when discomfort sets in, don't rush to comfort. sit in it and it will subside. in fact it won't only subside, it will lead to more confidence and emotional growth than you ever imagined. 


Tiffany said...

You're beautiful no matter the hair color! But I love the brunette side of you too! :)

Liz said...

thank you Tiff! xo

Máirín Maureen said...

Yours is an inner beauty that radiates outward. I see so much more in your eyes and your smile than I ever could in your hair color. With your color change, I posit an opportunity to embrace different styling! Your blonde hair opens you up to more vibrant and playful colors whereas your brown hair suggests trying more warm and inviting hues. Love them both, but love you the most! -Maureen

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