Tuesday, February 17, 2015

february discipline: just make it!

song pair: Whatever She's Got by David Nail

hi friends! 
i have been overdue for new images on my personal and professional sites. so what did i do? 
i just made it happen! i dreamed up a vision and the wonderfully talented anna routh captured it. my vision was playful and positive. that is how i choose to live my life. i can only hope i come across that way to others. positive psychology is how i run my business practice as well. it was important to me that the photos emulate that philosophy.  

apparently i have this thing with balloons. in my opinion they are the perfect accessory. and for some odd reason i wouldn't settle for any less than an adult tutu. a red adult tutu. playful trumped flattering. black and white stripes are also a new obsession. 

i am so happy with the images that emerged. i reflect back with confusion as to where these ideas came from, but i'm just rollin' with it. having marty join me in a few photos was a way to hold myself accountable to the commitment of including him in therapy sessions in the near future. it has been a goal for awhile. 

here is where you come in! i am leaving it up to you to decide which image to use for my profile picture for lovely life of liz. do you have a favorite? please vote via a comment below or a personal email to liz (dot) tatum (at) hotmail (dot) com. 

thank you and enjoy my whimsical vision!








i sort of recreated the original, 4.5 years later. i love a cityscape. 


*other fun ones*

-fun facts- 
*it was 32 degrees and very windy that afternoon
*anna routh's parents have a 16 year old pug. my marty (8 y.o.) was relieved to hear this. 
*my toes were painted pink, you just can't see them. 
*there were people taking photos on the bridge before and after us. it's a popular spot!


Jessica Wynne said...

Beautiful vision! The balloons are the perfect touch, and your pup is too cute!


sally s. said...

Can't choose one - they are all too great. How about a continuous slideshow that uses them all? If I had to limit to four, I'd say : 2, 4, 5, 8 . (in no particular order...) Keep spreading your love, joy, and inspiration!

Joanie said...

I choose 4 and 6......but I agree with sally s.....they are all too great!!! you exude joy and positivity!!!!!

Máirín Maureen said...

I vote for 5 or 8. Love them all though. - Maureen

Camryn said...

So fun!!! Love it :)


Tiffany said...

I love #3...shoot! But they are all awesome! You can rotate.

Denina Martin said...

These photos are so natural and positive - I love the spirit of this shoot :)

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