Tuesday, February 24, 2015

just make it: dots

song pair: Blank Space by Taylor Swift 

i am rounding out my february discipline: just make it. i took a moment to reflect on the things i have made happen.

there was that cookie jar project
the day i enhanced my deer friend
oh and that whimsical photo shoot (pssst, as you can see the winner was #5) thank you for voting. i got lots of texts and emails. #8 was a close second.

so here we are, my final just make it project for february.
for a couple months i have been admiring the concept of a confetti wall. there are two versions i have contemplated. neat & tidy or random & cascading. i really liked both but ultimately took the challenge to create one with order.

neat & tidy inspiration

random & cascading inspiration

i started with a clean gray wall, in my home office. this is my girl space. i gain inspiration here.
i took my diplomas off the wall and diverted my rolling rack of favorite dresses.

the gold rounds were 3" x 3" i had to do a little math to configure spacing. the tape measurer was key.

i was so focused, i neglected to take pictures along the way...here is the final product! 
i did the rows of five first and then filled in the rows of four. 
i measured from ceiling down, floor up & and in from the ends of each wall. 

the accent of dots really took my home office to the next level.
the good news is: they are temporary decals. they can be removed at any time with no residue.
it's an easy way to elevate a space with no commitment.

my prized possessions are my diplomas and my dresses. i believe every girl should value her mind as much as her femininity. my favorite dresses {and halloween costumes} refuse to be tucked away in a closet. i like to have them on display to remind me of the memories they hold. next to my diplomas is a print that reads "Work It" it translates, to me, as striving diligently toward the dreams you envision.

on the opposite wall is my ever evolving photo wall. the most recent addition is a felted goat head. each memory on the wall holds a near and dear place in my soul. the images feed me enthusiasm and spark. decorate your space with items that enrich your spirit too.  

what are you creating in your space? 


Anonymous said...

Love this so much! Such timing: my painter starts tomorrow- I am painting a bathroom black, and was going to PAINT on silverish grey dots. You have shown me I can BUY them and simply stick them on!!! So excited! Your room is awesome and makes me smile. Huge smile! Once again, I am obsessed with all of your ideas and inspiration! Thank you! <3

Tiffany said...

Love, love the confetti wall! Good job!

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