Thursday, February 26, 2015

food for thought

song pair: Nothing More by The Alternate Routes

hello! i will begin this post by encouraging you to listen to the song pair above. just click the link and it will play in a second tab. i almost always include a song paired with my posts. this one is currently my favorite tune. in my opinion, it says everything. "we are how we treat each other and nothing more."

i have learned something new about myself. i have discovered that i am the complete opposite of the average person in two distinct ways. here are the examples that led me to this conclusion.


{example 1}
most people are aware of the current events. the average person reads the headlines and watches the news. they are educated on the status of our country. political and religious wars are on their radar. they can't ignore it. they can't live in denial.

*flip side*

i shy away from most media sources. i understand that very sad and very scary things are happening around the globe. i know that we should all be in fear but i intentionally choose not to live that way. maybe because i am wired with anxiety, it just feels overwhelming. i choose instead to absorb positive material. it truly aides in the optimistic perspective i carry through my days.

about a year ago, i made a concession. I began to worry that my positivity was also breeding ignorance. This compromise is a daily email called The Skimm. it is a series of brief paragraphs summarizing world news. i read The Skimm so i am not completely in the dark, but also not inundated with negative stories. it works very well for me and feels like a happy medium. i am no longer oblivious to what is happening in our world. i now have a realistic view.


{example 2}
most people have always eaten meat and can't imagine life without it. why would you give it a second thought? it is part of every single meal, day after day. steakhouses and burger joints are likely the busiest restaurants on the planet. there are t-shirts that say i love bacon.

*flip side*

i have full and complete knowledge of what an animal endures to reach your kitchen table. i have not eaten meat in 15+ years and will never again ingest another piece. i have done research and watched footage. i liken this to your daily news. it is scary, awful and disturbing awareness. i can't ignore it. i can't live in denial. i absolutely don't judge others for their choices. most everyone i know is a carnivore. southern gent waffles with the concept and i completely understand the instinctual nature toward meat.
here is where i am going to suggest a concession. i believe the topic deserves a realistic view. i have never preached and don't intend to start, but i will share.  i was recently enlightened by my fellow pescatarian, virginia, who recommended the documentary Vegucated. this film helped me reflect on ways i could be even more conscientious. if you have the slightest interest, go ahead and click on this link to simply watch the trailer. there is no scary footage in the trailer, i promise. it's a cute and informative film about three new yorkers who choose vegan for 6 weeks. if your interest peaks even more, watch the film. toward the end of the actual film, there is footage of the conditions animals "live" in and also footage of actual slaughters. it can be your version of reading The Skimm. let's all choose awareness.

-Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. -Albert Einstein


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Anonymous said...

You should (and could) be the next Oprah! We would be a better nation with better people. You are so young, yet so wise!

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