Sunday, February 8, 2015

february discipline: just make it

song pair: Animals by Maroon 5

before christmas time, i had my eyes peeled for faux taxidermy. my pal gwen will be proud of me. she has a home full of animal heads from all over the world. they are so beautifully done even a vegetarian can appreciate their elegance. i have an affinity for animals, and wanted one staring at me everyday too. though i am sticking with faux, she needs a little personality. at christmastime she was dressed with a scarf. so pretty and poised. 
once the scarf came off, she appeared so bare. i knew i had to find a way to bring her back to life.  

then i spotted this image online. wow. i investigated the details and hit my local craft store. i want the entire look, floral garland and all, but will start with mimicking the antlers. 

i covered the face with a plastic tablecloth and spray painted the antlers a bronze color. i wanted metallic but not glitz.

once dry, i experimented with plain white string. even in the final product, i did not have to use adhesive. as long it's wound tightly, the string sticks to itself. 

i found proper placement and took note before removing the string for the next step. thirdly, i painted a few coats of multi-surface magenta rose satin paint over the bronze. the coverage was nice.  

once dry, i reapplied the wrappped string! 

the bottom of the antlers could use a little spray paint touch up, otherwise i am so  happy with the look!

layers are everything when it comes to styling. i think the final look needs a base to ground it. i really like the thin wreath around her neck, in the original. i have also considered a base to mount her on. other than being in pursuit of another layer, this just make it project was a glowing success!

is there an image you have been wanting to re-create? get started! 


Camryn said...

Girl! Look at you go! Cutest.


Máirín Maureen said...

Looks awesome! Try spray painting a small paint sponge or brush to fill in that small area at the base of the antlers. -Maureen

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