Tuesday, January 27, 2015

mountain love

song pair: Rocky Mountain High by John Denver

oh, asheville...we sunk right into your charm. it was our first wintry vacation and we sincerely enjoyed it. embracing the chill, we bundled up and kept each other toasty. having a mostly non scheduled few days was quite restorative. we wandered in and out of shops, stopping for snacks and cocktails often. we saw two theater movies in four nights. i bought a pair of shoes. we munched on a bag of bulk candy from an old fashioned candy shop. we had two fancy dinners and two very casual ones. i had a different chai tea every morning, that is my favorite part of the day. we spent an afternoon at the Grove Park Spa where i experienced an 80 minute facial of my dreams. the grotto inspired spa is luxurious. they play music under water so you can float on your back and absorb classical tunes. the place is a natural sedative. on the only drizzly day, we met southern gent's parents and aunt & uncle to tour and wine taste at the Biltmore. a lovely escape. 

having the dogs with us was so much fun. we broke all the usual rules. at home they are restricted from furniture and our bed. in our dog friendly hotel, we invited them to bunk with us. they were in heaven. we scouted out pet friendly restaurants and they also joined us for some meals. bacon for breakfast was a real treat. 

our favorite Asheville spots

sunny point cafe
early girl
over easy cafe

white duck taco shop: you must have a shrimp taco

salsas: latin american
the admiral: hipster vibe. order the dates as a starter
curate: spanish tapas
plant: vegan

the imperial life
lex 18
MG road. order a cheese plate
sovereign remedies

wicked weed. order a french 75 beer
the lab

french broad. order a lavender hot chocolate 

*we also have a growing list of places to try on our next asheville excursion!

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Inga P. said...

awesome photos :-)
xox inga

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