Sunday, January 18, 2015

January: doing things differently

song pair: Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

a few more things i have been doing differently:

i am going to Trader Joe's every Wednesday. i think the reason i was so late on the Trader Joe's train, was every time i attempted it was a weekend. the parking lot and cart crashing were overwhelming, so i shied away. i love crowds, but not at a grocery store. wednesdays are a whole new adventure. on hump day it is much more of a pleasant place where i can browse and enjoy. in terms of food, i am a displaced citizen. american foods are not my favorite. my favorite flavors come out of china, thailand, india and the mediterranean. TJ's has wonderful cuisine from all over the country. it has been fantastic to have more food varieties in our home.

i am bringing fresh vegetables to the office. i have always been a brown bag girl. packing my lunch comes naturally. usually a sandwich. last year, i was on a cracker kick. the type of cracker changed often, but the crunch was a nice complement to my hoagie. i have started packing fresh veggies as a substitute. it's delish and the snap mimics that of a cracker. a little hummus on the side is just what i need for some extra flavor.

have you started doing something differently?

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