Thursday, January 15, 2015

january: doing things different 2

song pair: Come With Me Now by Kongos

this monthly discipline is challenging me to reflect on choices i make on the daily.
you have been holding me accountable without knowledge. thank you!

southern gent and i love to listen to music. i read somewhere that if you listen to fun music before a night on the town, you will leave the house feeling and looking more alive. i truly believe it! i am almost always listening to upbeat music. when i prepare a meal or lightly clean the house, i listen and sing along to my energized iTunes playlist.

though the concept is great, it's not realistic to always be upbeat. some moments call for a tranquil vibe. there is a local radio station that plays 'beatles brunch' on the weekends. i like that theme. i am starting to wonder if constant high energy tunes may be creating overwhelm or even low levels of anxiety. high strung melodies could be generating a sensation of being rushed or feeling behind.

so i have started doing it a little differently. there is a definite psychology to the atmosphere we create around us.

i located a few mellow stations on Spotify and have added them to my repertoire. i think i was the last person to find the fabulous world of Spotify. better late than never.
creating balance and appreciating different types of music is a goal. yesterday while eating breakfast, i listened to reggae. this morning while tidying up the house, i tuned to classical. all sorts of harmonies will be streaming from our home speakers and setting a tone of balance.

my hope is that this discipline will evoke a heightened sense of calm and self reflection. this is the same logic around why i don't wake up to an alarm clock. the jarring feeling of being shaken awake by an 'alarming' sound is such an unpleasant way to awaken to the day.

the way we feel is a direct reflection of every choice we make throughout our day.
what are you listening to?

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Máirín Maureen said...

I adore classical music. There is so much variety to choose from as well. If I need motivation, I throw in a piece of music with a grand crescendo. If I need to relax, something peaceful fits the bill. I find classical music to be a great cure for anxiety while driving in heavy traffic, just don't put on anything that will make you sleepy.

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