Thursday, January 8, 2015

january discipline

as i have eluded to before, i am always up for a challenge. last year, one of my favorite bloggers created disciplines for herself. each month she chose a different hurdle to leap. i loved following along. we can do anything for a month, right? any behavior needs at least 21 days of repetition to become a healthy habit. i am ready to implement this into my year.
January is about doing things differently. here we go!

at the beginning of every year southern gent has a few days away from the office. we have always chosen to travel somewhere tropical. we naturally assume palm trees and beaches. we retreat to warm weather. this month, we are doing it differently. we booked 4 nights in the cultured mountain town of Asheville. the best part...we are bringing the dogs!

our agenda:
*spa appointments
*big breakfasts every morning
*brewery tours
*room service
*cool coffee shops
*celebrity chef restaurants

sounds like paradise to me! 

the other thing i have done in the first week of january?

selfies are so awkward, nobody else was around at the time.
i'm daring greatly! taking risks. doing things differently. 
i was tired of my blonde. it was fried out. it was brassy. now i'm auburn.
it's shocking, i'm embracing.

i will keep you posted on my month of doing things differently. stay tuned for next months challenge.

live fearlessly my friends! 


sally s. said...

Why can't we all be more like Liz? <3
You are amazing! Thanks for the inspiration: again and again and again. Please don't ever stop writing your blog. You are inspiring and helping so many!

Rachel Rothbard said...

I LOVE your hair color!!! Shazzam!!!

Have a wonderful time in Asheville. It's one of the best places and it's as close to heaven as one could get :)

gosara said...

We went in Oct and had a great time... Try the Wicked Weed if you get to it, so cool!

Can't wait to see you and check out the new locks!

Liz said...

thank you friends! you inspire me to continue telling my story! thank you for being loyal readers, it means the world to me!! xo

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