Monday, January 12, 2015

baptism anniversary

in 2011 when our godson Duncan was baptized, we made a commitment to always celebrate the anniversary of that event. and we sure have. every january he has a special day. duncan picks where we eat. the golden arches have dominated the celebrations. later in his life he may want to branch out, but we let him lead the way. it's quite remarkable to see how he is growing and growing. he always chooses milk as his drink. smart kiddo!



we followed up lunch with a trip to Launching Pad, a trampoline park
it was an incredible time. leaps and bounds of silliness and fun. unadulterated joy. 

in line with being godparents, we gave Duncan a daily devotional for kids. 

we accepted the honor of being godparents to heart and always want Duncan to know he has a special set of adults who love him and want to help guide him toward living the best life he knows how. 

here was my post from last year

*The only thing worth doing in the world is to make it a kinder place. -Karen Armstrong

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