Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 in review

Hello Friends! Hello 2015!
i love the energy a new year brings. it's like a reset button. a nice time to set goals and forecast the near future. it's about challenging ourselves. as a therapist, i find it invigorating. i am always setting new goals, almost incessantly trying to improve. i love that kind of thing.

let's look into the rear view mirror. here are 14 of my very favorite moments from 2014.

14. said goodbye to Facebook and joined instagram
since this change, my conversations are more authentic and meaningful. when i see friends, i truly catch up with them vs. prior knowledge of exactly what they have been doing. instagram has inspired me. i mostly follow people i don't know. i love expression through photography.

13. new years eve in savannah
i must say, i have a cool mom. i got lucky. we travel well together and bring out the silly in one another. i'm glad she's mine! 

12. beach trip with my neighbor girls
as i have shared before, i have the best neighborhood! these girls know how to have a good time. 
colorful sunglasses are always a good idea!

11. skating w keegan
i was once a figure skater and also played girls ice hockey. i can skate a little. so joining my nephew on the ice was a delight. i call him my little "skater bug." we did lots of swizzles.

10. to the mountains x 2
southern gent's parents moved to the mountains in 2014. we love visiting them and his extended family. very relaxing. lots of wine. lots of dogs. it brings out the colorado in me! 



9. chicago trip
i traveled to my hometown city, staying with a different friend each of the three nights. it was nostalgic and emotional. my age always strikes me when i am with my high school friends who have children in elementary school. i am proud of them for so naturally evolving into parenthood. their kids are awesome little people! i returned to my life with equal parts gratitude and grief. 

8. emily did karaoke
on this night, my brilliant and beautiful niece channeled her courage. she expressed great nervousness about performing a song. we talked..i pep talked..she dug deep and ultimately found the bravery she needed to step on stage. to watch a young woman fight a fear was incredible and inspiring! and she rocked it! fearless = freedom

7. NC dad's 60th bday weekend
family and friends came into town for a two-day celebration, complete with a cycling theme. the first night was the trolley pub downtown and the second night was a party. each food item was from a state he has lived. we customized every detail to fit his 60 year story!

6. Ohio dad visit
my dad visited us for a long weekend. it was wonderful to have him in our neck of the woods. we gave him a tour of our offices as well as our charming city! my dad is always up for anything and so pleasant to have around!  

5. new orleans
four couples had a wild time in Nola, mid-September. 
below is the before and after images. three big nights in a row!



4. key west x 2
virginia and her family of three moved back to key west in 2014. we couldn't stand being away from them, so showed up on their doorstep twice. 



3. katy perry concert
a big night out with my very favorite girls! 

2. won best therapist in triangle
this happened. a little self promotion never hurts. 

1. pacific coast highway
the best trip of my life also happened. southern gent & i traveled from napa to san diego in ten days. we experienced every city, beach and mountain town along highway 1. 
there are so many highlights, but the one that stands out most was in Big Sur. 
at 1am on a tuesday we were in hot springs overlooking the ocean on a starry night. unforgettable. 

well, that is my recap. below are reviews from past years. one thing i know for sure? i definitely seize the day. i hope you do too. it's the only way to live. fill your weeks with fun and great connections. i almost feel an unease about the number of things i want to do in my life. there is so much to learn and experience in such a short time. 2015 is looking just as amazing. it's a choice. our perspective and outlook have everything to do with how we perceive the world around us. choose the lighter side.

what stamp will you leave on this world? i hope mine is colorful.

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