Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Card 2014

and just like that, it's behind me. my holiday card is complete and sent. each year it gets better, a little more complex. dreaming up an idea to fruition, what fun. we were pleased with our card this year. it started with a vision and developed from there. the idea did not originate with me. i had some inspiration. some very specific inspiration. isn't that what we all do? we see something we love and spin around to replicate it. style is the same way--we see an outfit or a color combination and re-create it in our own form. imitation is the best form of flattery.

my very first step is scouring the internet for images that catch my eye. the images below were front runners. who knows...i may use one next year. i love the natural setting of each and appreciate the relaxed poses. i am not a fan of formal photos. we prefer a casual, candid style image.






since i grew up in the midwest and lived in Colorado all of my 20's, snowfall holds a special place in my heart. it doesn't snow often in raleigh. when it does, most of the city is in fear. i, however, am delighted. i want to drive in it. i want to run through it. i want to stare out the window at it. i want to make a snow angel with it. for all these reasons, #4 was our final choice and became a muse to mimic.

i tracked down the photographer who shot the scene and asked several questions about the image. she was flattered that we wanted to re-create the shot she photographed several years ago.
the priceless secret she shared was about the 'snow.' it wasn't really snow. it was actually potato flakes. yes, you heard that correctly. Hungry-Jack-potato-flakes. after hearing that, i did my research and found that many movie sets use good ol' potato flakes to imitate snow. in person they are a buttery yellow. with the right lighting and a great camera, they reflect as snow.

i convinced southern gent this was a good idea. remember when i said he was a good sport? he truly is.
we gathered my parents and my favorite photographer friend, and all headed to a winter garden. it was important to have firs behind us. small details add up. i blogged some hints about the photo shoot here.

picture this: my mom on a ladder with a spaghetti colander and potato flakes. we were kissing and laughing as she shook the 'snow' in front of us. there was a tarp at our feet to catch the mashers. here are a few outtakes. it took some time to get the right consistency and perfect level of focus.

after much experimenting, we captured the shot! 

and, voila, a card was born!  

going to the mailbox is always the most fun in December. Happy Holidays Lovelies! 
enjoy each moment. imagine, discover, believe! 

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Joanie said...

THIS card is my fav........ but, I say that every year!!! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! You are inspiring......

Anonymous said...

Potato flakes????? I learn soooooo much from you, Lizzie! Love your card so much. Love your posts even more. Thank you for inspiring us through pictures and words.

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