Sunday, November 16, 2014


would you think i was nuts if i told you my christmas cards are complete and ready to be sent? well, i'm nuts. normal is boring, i choose passion.

there are two pictures each year i obsess over. the corona commercial and our holiday photo. i think about both of them all year long and gather bits of inspiration for each. both photos appear simple, nothing elaborate. you would never know how much thought goes into them. i want the concept to look effortless, even though there is a bit of production that happens. here are some behind-the-scenes images of our card this year. five of us traipsed through the JC Raulston Arboretum. what a place. there are multiple types of gardens to meander through. we were in search of the winter garden for our shoot.

i'll tell ya, my southern gent is the best sport when it comes to all my quirky ideas.

these were taken at the beginning of october.
i promise to share the final product in early december.

those are some pretty good hints. 

speaking of ordering cards, you should get on that too. last year i chose minted. and was very pleasantly surprised. the quality was superb and the choices are endless. i have tried multiple companies over the years, but minted. truly surpassed their competitors. i have also ordered party invitations from them. they have art, home decor and fabrics too. minted. has asked me to be part of their affiliate program this year. so if you order from them, please click from my site and i will get a little kick back ;)

here is our post from 2013
2012 christmas photo was in this post
2011 christmas card post
throw back christmas card post

i love holiday card season, it's the best excuse to skip to the mailbox. 

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