Sunday, October 5, 2014

home tweak!

song pair: Warm It Up Kris by Kris Kross

until recently, window treatments were not even on my radar. have you ever noticed that once you start paying attention to something, it's all you can see? when i got my Jeep, suddenly Jeeps were everywhere. so, naturally...window treatments galore these last few months. i knew it had to be my next project. my first line of business was to choose a fabric pattern. since i am not skilled in visualizing from a small swatch, i chose a fabric that was displayed in my favorite shop. the valance was beautiful, but we felt it was too traditional for our home. window hardware was more our style. 
we purchased the 15 yards of fabric and was educated on type of pleats, vertical/horizontal repeats and other specifics i had never considered in my life. 

next up was white window hardware. after narrowing down my 'pins', i took a closer look realizing the hardware was the same. i was on the hunt for the inspired hardware pictured below. southern gent's aunt found me the match (thank you Sally) and the order was placed. 

inspired hardware

the two 8-foot rods were delivered, along with 24 curtain rings and matching finials. they were installed and awaited the custom drapery. 

ta-dah! one of my very favorite home tweaks yet! we didn't make them functional (able to pull all the way across four windows), because it would have have been double the amount of fabric and maybe too bulky. another option would have been to put a third panel in the middle. we love the ample amount of natural light that filters into our home everyday. we felt strongly about preserving the brightness. the frame of the panels was all we were looking to provide and it sure made a wonderful difference in the warmth of our home. we added the bench and one of our faux sheepskin rugs. layers make me feel all cozy on the inside.

now i am eyeing our photo wall, wanting to create change. it is eleven frames situated in a perfect square. where once i thought symmetry was the answer, i am now appreciating the beauty of imperfection. accepting imperfection is one of the keys to living a very happy life. it helps maintain our outlook, perspective and resiliency. i think i need to shake up that photo wall, so it better reflects the beautiful world of imperfection. have an exceptional week, Friends! 


Joanie said...

Love it!!!

Tiffany said...

I love the curtains! Def. adds some warmth! I would love to know where you got the rods! Good job design lady!

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