Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the home front

song pair: Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker

southern gent & i purchased our happy little abode when it was 3/4 complete. we have loved every decision the builder and design team crafted and truly believe we couldn't have done a better job. we have not changed a paint color, but have upgraded lighting in a few rooms. the open floor plan drew us in and we appreciated the clean lines and simple look we furnished. a couple years in, we have begun to desire a warmer look. we often move furniture around to forge subtle change. i am learning that layers are important in home design. layers add interest and appeal. i am not one for clutter, so i had to decipher the two. rugs and window treatments add layers. stacks, clusters and chatskis add clutter. i like ample counter space. we love a modern look, but also want it to be inviting and calming for ourselves and our guests.
our entrance way is unique in that it's a 20+ foot hallway. we kept it bare, unsure how exactly to dress it up. the tall wainscoting is sharp and decorative, but makes peripheral decor a challenge. after a little help from my design friend (thank u Julie), we stumbled upon a hand woven, natural fiber 22' runner. we were pleasantly surprised by it's quality and weight. it warmed up the entryway nicely. 

while traveling this summer, we shuffled into a boutique that housed Rifle Paper Co. art prints. that day, we sparked the idea to collect a few of the travel prints that hold significance to us. today they are lining the hall. we love the whimsical, colorful look they provide. it is nice to outfit our home with items that reflect the life we live. 

we have affection for the energy in Chicago. i grew up in a suburb of this great city. 
 our second date was in Los Angeles. we love the liveliness of California.

 we enjoyed an unforgettable weekend in NY City a few years ago. central park, broadway, times square.
San Francisco has a beautiful spirit. one of our favorites. 
   stay tuned for more home front tweaks...in the coming weeks. 


Máirín Maureen said...
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Máirín Maureen said...

We have an almost identical rug in our upstairs hallway. I love a warm and inviting feel in the home. A vibe that says, "Relax, you're home! How 'bout a hug?" :D

Liz said...

you decorate so well Mo! i love your home and always feel welcomed with your warm vibe. you inspire me!

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