Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the golden gate city

song pair: California Dreamin' by The Mamas & the Papas

it sure is restorative to relive experience. i am reminded of each detail of our summer as i review and gradually post about each. it feels more acceptable to be behind, when it evokes such elation.

as we cruised toward San Francisco, via Napa, we stumbled upon Muir Woods. what a spectacular place. we hiked in for awhile, stared at the ginormous trees and hiked back out. an equally awe inspired moment was the 'park & ride' bus to the entrance. steep ledges and no guard rails with a completely uncontrolled outcome. our knuckles were white as we anticipated the woods...thankfully followed by a peaceful hike.

speaking of greens, the first thing i noticed about the city was the abundance of succulents. they are growing out of cracks in the street and seem to find residence in every planter. i loved that. 

one of my very favorite aspects of San Francisco was the asian influence. this China Town is an active place of hustle and bustle. since it is the largest China Town outside of Asia, it truly felt like a different country. 

if you ask my southern gent, he will tell you i am forever craving asian fare. it was like my own personal foodie playground.

the streets were filled with bunches of fragrant blooms.  

and strangely convenient toilets in the middle of a pedestrian median.  

the slope of the streets are wild to see and even wilder to climb. and we climbed. with the exception of a cable car joy ride, we walked everywhere. it helped generate healthy appetites for our next bite to eat. i kinda boycott public transportation on vacation. these feet were made for walkin'. it really does enable seeing all the sites.

i always enjoy a good tourist trap. 

the second day started nice and early with a power breakfast. 

we strolled around Alamo Square and little boutiques in Ashbury Heights. 

the ferry building had the feeling of a high end farmer's market. 

that evening we cut our pizza with shears at A16, an intimate italian restaurant in Cow Hollow

the ferryboat under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz was a thrilling highlight.  

a whirlwind of interest, San Francisco was adored by these two journeyers. travel has evolved into a beloved form of escapism for us. and it works beautifully.

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Joanie said...

Oh what a wonderful trip!!!!! You all know how to have FUN!!!!!!

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