Thursday, September 25, 2014


song pair: Californication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

the pacific coast highway was magnificent, much more than we ever could have imagined.
i reflected on life as we drove for hours on the same stretch of road.
here are some of my impressions on our drive down highway 1.

life is natural. most times it's easy and still, with a clear vision of the horizon.

peace resides and the colors are dazzling. uncomplicated.

grace is present. whimsical at times. beauty.

sometimes life is sharp and unpleasant. we plant flowers around us to soften the edges. work hard.

at times desolate and isolated, but still growing.

things begin to smooth over. it is always better on the other side. "no man is an island"

building bridges and accepting support is the most authentic form of connection.

color and energy return, the journey is overwhelmingly clear again.

always moving forward, rarely looking back.

remember to frolic and play. life is full of so much wonder. soak in the merriment.

honor your tribe and stay near them. identify your 'inner circle' and cultivate those relations.

find true love and never let go. 


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Tiffany said...

LOVE this post! Thanks for putting it together for us!

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