Thursday, September 4, 2014


song pair: Red Red Wine by UB40

Napa is like something out of a dream. it is simultaneously quaint and intimidating. in some ways it feels like it would be quick to discover...and in other ways, one could never master the range of knowledge encompassed in this land.

we stayed within walking distance to downtown, arriving on the most american holiday in July.

most everything is centered around wine, but in a classy subtle style.

we enjoyed a festival and street fair, pre fireworks.

it took several attempts to capture one behind our heads, hooray for the US of A.

the very next morning, we awoke and scurried out to meet our driver. we had planned a day of touring six wineries. there was no chance either of us would be suited behind the wheel. we handed our keys to a trusted professional.

here are a few images and explanations of what our day entailed:

you might remember, back in February, we attended a wine dinner hosted by the Reynolds Family Winery. we met Steve Reynolds and heard tales about his property in Napa. he was once a dentist but decided to sell everything and journey towards wine making. their vineyard was our first stop that early afternoon. it felt very special to be there.

our second stop was paraduxx. loved the wine and duck paraphernalia.

afterwards, we ducked into oakville grocery to grab gourmet sammies for a picnic lunch.

we toasted another tasting and munched on our lunch at sequoia grove.

the most intimate tasting came after lunch. continuum was unforgettable.

caymus vineyards were enchanting. 

fleury was our final tasting. it felt very alice-in-wonderland to me. whimsical and personal.

we finished our day, on the waterfront, sipping Moscow Mules and reminiscing about our afternoon.

the very next morning, before we began our adventure down the PCH, we strolled down to the Model Bakery for one of their famous english muffins. as i gazed across the table at my english studmuffin, i felt very grateful indeed. 

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