Monday, September 8, 2014

happy birthday to meeee

well hello, 36. it is nice to meet you. i plan to do good things with you. i haven't set my goals yet, but i will. 35 was a great age to be. i tried to be a better friend at 35. i am confident i was, and i am feeling rewarded with stronger friendship. that feels good. i became a better businesswoman too. here was my post last year, i sounded quite spry. i had already had my Christmas card photos taken? whoa. we celebrated my birthday weekend downtown again this year, thankfully some things never change. i will always be an urban girl. it was another first friday and i came together with some fun and wonderful friends. they were so generous and certainly made me feel celebrated. the happy husbands were snapping photos.

i felt inclined to picnic this weekend. i might do more picnicking during my stint at 36. this weekend was a start.

here we were at Lassiter Falls:

this was right before southern gent came home with take-out sushi. we picnicked in the bonus room.
it was my version of perfection.

every birthday evokes reflection. where am i? how am i doing? what can i improve? what is next? i hope to continue learning and growing as i reach my potential in this life.
i am happy and grateful for the good and the hardship that have crossed my path.
i have a few more breakfasts and a dinner before the celebrating is over. oh and quick little trip for another friends birthday coming soon.

cheers! xo


Joanie said...

Happy Birthday to the best daughter a Mom could EVER wish for......I Love you Lizzie!!!!! Xoxoxo

Thomas Cotter said...

Happy Birthday Liz. I agree with your mom, great daughter. ♥

Tiffany said...

Happy, Happy Birthday dear friend! Keep on living the dream! xoxoxoxoxo

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