Wednesday, August 27, 2014

hello instagram!

the other night I was lying in bed listening to the purring snores of my southern gent, when an idea crossed my mind. the bulk of my really good thoughts happen in solitude. i picked up my phone and promptly deactivated my facebook account. moments earlier, i had come to the realization that i have lost my wonder. i had ceased to wonder about family and friend's lives. forms of social media have compromised a wonderful part of my imagination. i have noticed that social gatherings have changed. i don't have many questions for friends, because i know what they have been up to. i know their child got a haircut last week and they just returned from Jamaica. i know school started for a friend's teenage son and another friend just ended a marriage. it has stifled my curiosity and inquiries.   
i want that wonder back. i want that innate desire to run into a friend and have an authentic conversation about where their journey has been taking them. 
there are certainly elements i will miss. my facebook experience was always positive. i generated ideas and smiles scrolling down my news feed. i luckily did not experience any dramatic encounters in the multiple years i have been a member. facebook connects people like no other outlet ever has. i absolutely appreciate the time spent. and i can always re join if i get the itch. 

until then, you can find me on instagram. i will have a much more private profile and mostly only follow people i don't have a personal connection with. you know, gwen stefani and lady gaga. 

my hope is to pick up the phone more and write more emails. i hope to restore that wonder and i am confident it will swiftly return. 


Anonymous said...

From probably one of the few 'non-facebook' friends you have I'm excited that perhaps I'm now ahead of the curve in a trend that will start reconnecting true 'friends' with each other in the form of the telephone or hand written card/letter (gasp!). There's something to be said about NOT knowing every detail of everyone's lives - it gives you more time to focus on living your own. Welcome to the club girlfriend! ;-P

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way......also, I find that the time with Facebook steals the time I have to just be in solitude and reflect on my own life, not look at someone else's! Thanks for the reminder!

gosara said...

I do love that you're on insta now though ;). Here's another added bonus to getting off facebook: deleting the app opens up a good amount of storage space on your phone! So you can take more fun pictures! Can't wait to hear all about your recent trip!

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