Tuesday, August 12, 2014

concert season

song pair: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

hello strangers! wait...actually i'm the stranger. apparently i took the summer off from blogging. i had no idea that would happen. i got busy living. the inspiration for blogging comes from life. breathing in the fresh air and experiencing the days. i suppose i had to do that for awhile. when i am immersed in life, i generate new material.
well, i am back and ready to share again. i think i will condense the summer into a couple posts. it has been a happy summer, somehow they always are. it's a choice we make every day, every season.

the summer commenced with concert season. i dream about concert season. i always think i will see several concerts in the summertime. the idea of tailgating, outdoor venues and a cool evening breeze are so inviting. swaying to the tunes, dancing in your own little space & singing every lyric.

my reality this summer was two indoor concerts. not exactly my plan, but they were equally epic.

the Bruno Mars show was sexy and fun. my friends and I were blown away by his charisma and talent.
his energy was contagious as he charmed us with his poetic words.
i am a firm believer that music elevates any experience. a favorite moment, when attached to a song, will always stay alive. i love when a tune comes on the radio and reminds me instantly of a person, place or event. the influence of music runs through my veins.

one of my favorite life moments happened at one of these summer concerts. the power of music was alive and well. southern gent and i took four little ladies to the Katy Perry show. the buzz of the night was visceral. there was intense energy in the building and among these four gems. our hearts were racing in anticipation of the first song and the first glimpse of Katy. as soon as she stepped on the stage and began singing 'Roar', I was moved to tears. the english language does not have words for the feeling i felt. to witness four of my favorite people jump, scream, hug each other & sing every single lyric of this uplifting, empowering song...was incredibly moving. you hope young ladies are strong, confident and self assured. i want the world for them. and at that moment they were strong. they felt so good and so happy. i hope they always believe the words spoken in 'Roar.' that moment will be etched in my brain forever. 

it is so good to be back!


Joanie said...

Welcome back...you have been missed!!!!!!

Máirín Maureen said...

Glad you're back! I love the music moments in life. I was transported back to the age of 12 when I went to the NKOTB reunion concert. I felt immeasurable joy and love as I was enveloped by the songs from my youth. Talk about a time machine! Not a care in the world for those two hours.

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