Tuesday, May 6, 2014

part II: dads cycling themed birthday weekend

song pair: You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon

night two of the birthday celebration was a party at southern gent and my home. mom and i had a delightful time planning every detail of this shindig. 
there were a few bikes in attendance. the basket of my 'Mint Julep' was exploding with blooms. 

we secured a temporary decal to our wall. 
a tedious job indeed, and well worth the statement it made. 

guests wore tire textured silicone bracelets. dad's nickname is Ebz, so Tour De Ebz it was.

his favorite pastime is completing a crossword puzzle.
this crossword was crafted by my sis-in-law, and it was full of fun facts about his life.

our bartender was stocked and ready to pour. hiring a bartender was the best decision we made. it frees up the hosts to mingle and relax with the crowd.

Posh Nosh catered the grub. the fare reflected parts of the country dad has lived
Iowa: bacon wrapped jalapenos
Chicago: italian beef sandwiches
Arizona: tex-mex arugula salad
North Carolina: bbq sliders

photo props and Fat Tire beer were crowd pleasers.

a group of friends brought a very thoughtful basket complete with personalized goodies.

and everyone went home with dad's favorite Vegan cookie from Whole Foods.
a weekend to remember! 


sally s. said...

Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful weekend honoring a very special man. We were so honored to be there. You should be a professional party planner. ( In your spare time!) Loved everything and everyone. Thanks so much!

gosara said...

SO COOL! Love the crossword puzzle! That was such a neat idea!

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