Sunday, May 4, 2014

part I: dad's cycling themed birthday weekend

song pair: Tequila by The Champs

the weekend was filled with birthday celebrations. the festivities commenced friday evening on the downtown Trolley Pub. it was a breezy and bright evening, the perfect setting for a boozy workout. if you have a trolley pub near you, you must give it a spin one day. it's a grand old time. with exception to the bench on the end, each seat is a bike seat. there is a seat belt and pedals. the riders power the vehicle all around town.

dad was all smiles, next to mom & surrounded by some of his favorites.

jim & sal are close friends who graciously and generously joined us from michigan. 
they elevated the weekend, making it extra special. we love them. 

one of our stops was Calavela: Empanada & Tequila Bar

yay dad!

we grabbed a bite to eat and quenched our thirst at Humble Pie, after the pedaling was complete. 

cheers to grandma and grandpa. they brought a great man into the world, 60 years ago!

part II: coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

It was soooooo much fun..... Thanks to our fellow peddlers for the most WONDERFUL evening!!!! We sure DO love us some Sal and Jim!!!!!

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