Tuesday, April 8, 2014

rock & his friends

song pair: Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men

whenever southern gent and i bump into a bulldog, we stop in our tracks. their body types, mannerisms, smooshed-in faces & severe under bites could charm us all day long. they are amazingly lovable creatures. Rock is southern gent's second bulldog, Riggs was his first. his relationship with his dog is the epitome of mans best friend. i believe an english bulldog will always be a staple in our household. as you know, my little side kick is my pug Marty. in my world, pugs and bulldogs are tied as top breed. i have never met a pug i didn't adore. when marty and i arrived in Raleigh, we were both a little lost. we felt a need to carve out our own niche. so i joined a pug meet-up group. other people who love pugs? yes please! i wanted to help Marty meet some little ancestors. for those of you who haven't participated in a meet-up, it's simple...someone develops a group and like-minded people join. the organizer decides on a place to meet, and people show up. they have meet-ups for any interest you can imagine. one day i will tell you about the vegetarian meet-up i joined.

here we were in 2010 @ a pug meet-up.

we have only been to a few, but these meet-ups always make for a nice afternoon. i have not walked away with any lasting connections myself, but i would like to think Marty enjoyed playing with friends his size.

recently i decided to try and locate a bulldog meet-up for Rock. i was unable to find one, so i created my own. if you see a need, fill it! i named it "Rock & His Friends." i have orchestrated three meet-ups. it's not catching on yet, only two actual bulldogs have shown up. but we don't discriminate, we welcome all dogs. Frenchies are some of my favorites. we won't give up on a quest to provide a happy life + cool friends for Rock. here are some recent attendees:

provide a full life for your furry friend.
who knows, you may come back as a dog one day. wouldn't you want to have fun? 

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