Saturday, April 19, 2014

jelly beans. chocolate bunnies. gratitude.

song pair: Here Comes The Sun by The London Starlight Orchestra

red rocks at sunrise

Happy Easter! I hope today is a colorful, spiritual and meaningful day for you. About the time this post publishes, we will be witnessing a Sunrise Easter Service. Some of the holiest experiences of my life were spent at Red Rocks Sunrise Services, in Denver. simply breathtaking. Watching the sun rise is divine. Today we will be in Duke Gardens. We were married in the gardens, so it's a remarkable place for us. 

Our neighborhood has an entertaining Easter tradition. The week leading up to Easter, these stuffed bunnies make their way around the hood. They magically happen upon front porches, bearing gifts. The bunnies brought us a bottle of bubbly. They hopped away from our home with some Summer brew and a mini stuffed dog. While driving out of the area each morning, it's amusing to see which porch they have landed for the day. 

My family Easter tradition has somehow morphed into cake making and martini drinking. My mom has always made the cakes, and in the last few years Emily and I have happily joined her. Saturday afternoon my mom and Emily came over and we made Easter Basket cakes! 

Below are a few highlights from years past: 





Life is ever changing. I find great comfort in preserving the things that remain the same. 

Happy Easter my friends

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gosara said...

Thanks again for the Summer brew and the pup! And the chicken that poops/lays an egg :) HEHE

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