Thursday, April 3, 2014


song pair: Let the Sunshine In by Aquarius 

my hair has not been a top priority for me, until now. i was quite blonde growing up, but my color has deepened and darkened over the years. when i was a 20-something, i sporadically had it highlighted and often there were several inches of darker growth halfway down my scalp. back then it was a tacky, unkept look. in recent years i have gone lighter and lighter, with recurrent trips to a salon chair. when you frequent a salon and have your roots bleached time and time again, the treatment begins to take a toll. after my last visit, a few strands broke off and my hair began to appear damaged and unnatural. i was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers who recently tried the ombre look. darker at the root and increasingly lighter towards the ends. i want to take more risks in my life and be open to creating change. so i did it. my stylist applied the darker roots which also toned down the ends & forged a more natural overall look.

the other facet to my hair was the style. i have stick straight hair that i style the same, day in and day out. i have been noticing lots of beach waves around town...and decided "why not me?" we should give ourselves as much effort as we give the rest of the world. 

so here i was feeling fresh, revived & curled last weekend: 

for at-home styling: i started with sea salt spray while my hair was still damp. blew it dry as usual. when my hair was completely dry, i plugged in the Revlon 3-barrel Jumbo Waver and began to 'crimp' in the curls. i finished with the Bed Head After Party for silky shine. i am offically a fan of my own hair. wow. the girl who sold me the apparatus at Ulta said it so well, "when it comes to beach curls, imperfect is perfect." let's all apply that to our lives. imperfect is perfect. a brilliant philosophy. 

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